Berrydog's Customer Bikini Photo Submission.

About Our Customer Bikini Photo Gallery: Berrydog would like to invite our customers to submit pictures of themselves in our bikinis. We will then select the pictures that we deem suitable to appear on our website.

Free Bikini For All Selected Submissions: All customers who are selected to appear in our customer gallery will receive a coupon for a free Berrydog Bikini.

The Bikini Gallery Submission Rules:



2) We ask that all submitters be at least 18 years old.

3) Professional & Semi-Pro models and Photographers are allowed to enter the contest.

4) Not everyone submitting pictures to us will be selected to appear in our gallery. WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE NOT SUBMIT PHOTOS IF YOU WILL GET ANGRY IF WE DO NOT SELECT YOU FOR THE GALLERY.


Picture Selection & Requirements:

1)    We suggest that you submit photos that are sexy, exciting, artistic or interesting. A beach setting is preferred but not required. Pictures taken in the back yard, studio or in your house will be accepted but you have a better chance if pictures are taken on the beach or in a public setting.

2)    Some of the photos must show the models face.

3)    Pictures must be clear and of good quality. Do not submit grainy or poor quality photos.

4)    We will publish up to 12 photos so send us a good number of photos from which we can select.

5)    Photos must be in gif or jpeg format. Photos must be no more than 200K in size. Keep your e-mails under 3mb so we suggest that you zip your pictures prior to e-mailing them.

6)    Artistic Playboy style photos are accepted as long as they are tasteful and are somehow tied in with our swimwear. Please do not submit explicit XXX material

7)    Include a story with your submission such as where the pictures were taken and what the reaction from your husband, boyfriend or strangers were to your Berrydog Bikini. Also tell us how you feel about our bikinis. Your endorsement is highly valued.


E-mail your photos to:



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