Berrydog's Brazilian Bikinis and Swimwear

Berrydog was the first designer and manufacturer of Brazilian Style swimwear in the USA.

In the beginning, no other designer would take the risk of selling Brazilian Bikinis believing the American woman would not be willing to wear a skimpy Brazilian String Bikini. Since 1998 Berrydog has been designing, manufacturing and selling Brazilian inspired swimwear, bikinis and beachwear in the USA and since then Brazilian Bikinis have been growing in popularity and can now be found on almost every beach in America. Other designers have now jumped on Berrydog's band wagon but Berrydog is the Original and is the recognized authority on Brazilian Bikinis in the USA. They can try to copy Berrydog's concepts but they will never be able to keep up with our progressive forward-looking swimwear designs.

From the white sandy beaches of Miami to the style conscious California beach goers, Brazilian Bikinis are all the rage. Everyone wants to buy a Brazilian Bikini.

So what is it about Brazilian Swimwear that has got everyone in such a tizzy? Two things...

  1. Sexy skimpy body revealing cuts
  2. Eye catching colors

Men obviously enjoy watching women in Brazilian bikinis and women who like to cause a stir and get some attention love to wear them. As women become more liberated and at ease with their bodies the numbers of women wearing Brazilian Style Swimwear have increased. Visit our online bikini shop at for the latest and greatest in Brazilian Bikinis and thong swimwear.