Top 10 Best Online Brazilian Thong Bikini Shops

Top 10 Best Online Brazilian Thong Bikini Shops

Thanks to the search engines and their appetite to promote the big powerful fashion brands and retailers on their listings it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new and innovative swimwear designers like Berrydog. So We don’t really know what the 10 Top Bikini Shops are and we’d hate to throw any of our peers under the bus so we will just stick to the #1 Online Brazilian Thong Bikini shop and that is us.  If you’re searching online for a thong bikini chances are you will end up at a store with a small selection and frankly a store that is not a category authority and therefore does not specialize in the niche minimal style bikinis. That’s why we are writing this article in hopes of encouraging you to look at our swimwear styles which feature everything from Brazilian Bikinis, thong bikini, sheer / see through bikinis and the ever tiny micro bikinis. We also encourage you to search a little deeper and find other innovative designers who are offering bikinis unlike what you would find at Target or Victoria’ Secret. Take our Brand For Instance, we started selling the Cheeky Thong Bikinis that are all the rage right now back in 1999. Now the big mainstream brands are knocking off our innovation. Don’t be fooled we are the original. But that is okay, we have creative minds and we will come up with something more creative including prints unlike anyone else has seen. Now sorry for digressing and back to our topic.

What makes Berrydog the Top Thong Bikini Shop?  Well, let us list the reasons:

  • Large selection of styles– We specialize in tiny bikinis and have a large selection of Brazilian Bikinis, Thong Bikinis, Micro Bikinis and even Sheer / See Through Bikinis. We offer 4 different styles of tops and 10 different style of bottoms
  • Large selection of Colors – Every style of top and bottom that we manufacture is available in the following solid colors, Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Fuchsia, Purple, Lime, Silver and Bronze.
  • Large Selection of Prints to pick from – Like our solid colors every style of top and bottom we sell is available in any of the prints we offer. Currently we offer or customer 23 you are ready correctly 23 different prints to pick from. No one offers that kind of selection.
  • We offer made to order – Need something special made, need a size that isn’t available online or do you want to create your own combinations of fabrics and trims? We can do but none of the designers can or any of the big chain stores can.
  • Low prices but high quality – Our bikinis are priced much, much lower than the big designer brands but our quality is as good and in most cases superior. Our prices are actually very comparable to what you would pay at a big box store like target.

Hopefully all the reasons we have listed have convinced you that our store is the top destination for you online bikini shopping. If you aren’t convinced check out our products and contact us we would love to answer your questions and if you don’t buy from us at least try to buy from another specialized thong bikini store rather than the mainstream stores you’ll be happy you did.



What is the Best Place or Online Shop to Buy a Thong Bikini?

What is the Best Place or Online Shop to Buy a Thong Bikini?

So your looking to purchase a hot little thong bikini for that very special trip you are going on, that special lady in your life or just because you want one. Regardless of the reason, you should consider the following before deciding where to purchase your thong bikini.

A) Make sure you buy your bikini from a reputable designer that has been in the thong bikini business for a long time. This will ensure that you get a quality bikini that uses quality materials and the sizing and fit of the bikini you are buying has been perfected.

B) Cheaper is not necessarily better and unfortunately there are now hundreds of Chinese websites selling discount thong bikinis knocked off from Reputable bikini designers for a fraction of the price. However, these thong bikinis only look good in pictures and when you do receive them they typical don’t fit properly and the materials and quality of these swimsuits are low. Don’t believe us then check out these investigative reports from Buzzfeed:

1) Article #1
2) Article #2

Also, these bikinis are shipped from overseas and usually take a month or more to arrive so you would have to order months ahead.

C) Would you wear a thong that was worn by some other person? We doubt so and we recommend you check out the stores return policy before you purchase a thong. For hygienic reasons and your safety we recommend highly, that you do not purchase a thong bikini from a store that allows thongs to be returned and then resold. Thongs unlike other types of clothing touch parts of the body that are related to defecation and sexual activity. Even with a hygienic liner thongs touch parts of the body that the liner does not cover namely the anus. You wouldn’t want to get a transmittable disease from buying a returned thong bikini that had been re-sold now would you?

D) Look for Swimwear that is made in the USA. They are better quality and you know that they are sweat shop free and that child or slave labor wasn’t used to make them. Be socially conscious and do your part to make the world a better place.

E) Buy from a designer that is in the Thong Bikini business and not a store that just offers a small selection. You will have more selection in colors and prints as well as styles.
Now that we have established the things you should consider when selecting where to buy your thong bikini our recommendation would be to buy from us, Berrydog Bikini. We have been in the thong bikini business since 1999. We use only the highest quality fabrics and materials and have perfect the fit and comfort of our bikinis. Berrydog Bikinis are manufactured in the USA in our own private factory and we don’t re-sell returned thongs. In addition we also offer a large selection of Brazilian Bikinis, Micro Bikinis and Sheer/ See Through bikinis.


What is a Sheer Bikini / See Through Bikini

What is a Sheer Bikini / See Through Bikini

You’ve heard of Brazilian Bikinis but have you heard of a sheer bikini? A sheer bikini is a bikini that is made of fabrics that are of transparent nature. Because of the transparent nature of the fabric these bikinis are see-through thus revealing parts of the anatomy of the person wearing them that would be otherwise covered in a regular bikini. We won’t be graphic about the parts of the body that are revealed underneath a sheer bikini but let’s just say nothing is left to the imagination so that should give you an idea about what we are talking about.

The sheer bikini market is extremely small and few swimwear customers see much utility in a see through bikini. Most women would never wear them and the ones that would don’t know where they could wear such a revealing thong bikini without receiving negative feedback or attention of the unwanted variety. For the most part transparent bikinis have been relegated to private back yards, private beaches, clothing optional beaches and resorts. There are some woman who have no inhibitions and are confident and have no problem wearing a see through micro bikini in public. There is even a segment of buyer who enjoys showing off their bodies in revealing bikinis and clothes and for them it is very exciting to wear sheer bikinis but don’t expect to see them at your neighborhood family beach. However, besides their revealing nature sheer bikinis do have some benefits that other styles of bikinis don’t have. They include:

  • Limited tan lines – the sun penetrates through the fabric
  • Lighter fabrics
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Dry faster after exposure to water

So if you are a little curious or feeling a little daring then we invite you to visit our Bikini shop and pick out a sheer bikini of your own, At Berrydog we have a large selection so pick one out and have some fun.

Katy Perry Pictured wearing her Grand Ma’s Ugly Bikini.

Well here we go again folks, another celebrity has come up on our Berrydog Bikini blotter and you guessed it. for all the wrong reasons. Seriously next time we are going to look hard and long to find a celebrity we can write about that pops up on our Berrydog Bikini Blotter for the right reasons. Most recently we had Bella Hadid and her diaper of a thong and then Kourtney Kardashian with the under boob problem. Anyhow let’s get back to the business at hand and that is discussing Katy Perry’s Swimwear mishap on her latest beach vacation in Mexico. Seen in the images below are Katy Perry proudly having fun with her gal pals on the beach in their bikinis. We love seeing celebrities and people from all walks of life on the beach having a good time. Berrydog is all about fun and a laid back casual beach lifestyle. For that we commend Katy and her friends. But we also believe that you should look your best when you are on the beach taking pictures for millions of people to see and that is where Katy fails. For starters, you see in the picture that Katy has cut her hair short and she has gone blonde to boot.  Mistake number one, your blonde hair doesn’t match well with that ugly light colored zig zag print bikini. Adding to her bikini problem is that she lacks a tan and her Lilly white skin and that buzz cut blonde hair wash out the ugly light colored bikini print she is wearing. Fashion advise, if you have light skin and hair, create some contrast by wearing a darker color bikini like this ones we have posted below. And finally, mistake #3 and the one we just can’t forgive is that ugly dated bikini she is wearing. It looks like she borrowed out of her Grand Mothers closet from back in the 70’s. It has this ugly washout abstract print and clearly it is full coverage and baggy not like the contemporary Cheeky Thong Bikinis that we made popular and that are all the range. An Katy if you are trying not to follow the crowd then maybe put on a Micro Bikini or even more daring a Sheer Bikini now that would be a fashion statement. At the very least put on a Brazilian Bikini, you have the body for it.


goofy goddesses ✨🤷🏼‍♀️

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Kourtney Kardashian Wears A Hot Thong Bikini.

In our humble opinion Kourtney has the nicest figure out of all the Kardashian sisters hands down. We also love that she’s not shy and loves to show off said figure wearing thong bikinis, and why shouldn’t she? She works hard on that figure and we can tell. After 3 kids she has a Bikini body that is more toned and cellulite free than most bikini and swimsuits models.  Some of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models should be Jealous. However, come on girl, you need to make better choices when it comes to the bikinis you buy and wear. You have the cash so get yourself some new suits. Exhibit A, please look at the pictures we have provided with this article. See the Blue thong bikini she is wearing, well look at that under boob. Last time we checked under boob was not a style. Also, check the red thong bikini same thing as the blue thong bikini. If Kourtney wants to show her boobs, we are fine with that but please either go bare and show your firm and shapely assets or get a bikini that fits like a Berrydog Bikini. The internet is filled with Kourtney wearing bikinis that don’t look good on her. We are so sure that our Berrydog Bikinis will fit her and feel more comfortable than anything she currently wears that we are offering her anyone of our bikinis for free. She can pick any of our Brazilian Bikinis, Thong Bikinis, Micro Bikinis or the ultimate in naughty our sheer bikinis on the house and we are so sure that she’ll look better than ever that we will donate a nice sum to a charity of her choice if they don’t. Here’s hoping that she is up for the challenge because we would love to see her wearing a hot micro bikinis.

Bella Hadid Pictured Wearing a Berrydog Thong Bikini?

Bella Hadid Pictured Wearing a Berrydog Thong Bikini?

Yes and no, As you can see Bella is pictured below wearing a tiny white thong bikini but thankfully it isn’t a Berrydog Bikini. Upon closer inspection, the thong that Bella is wearing looks cheap and doesn’t fit her very well and those adjustable straps look awkward. At Berrydog we pride our suits on being the highest quality and made of the best materials and workmanship. Most importantly, our suits are cut to fit you like a glove so you won’t be caught like poor Bella Hadid by the pool looking like you are wearing a diaper or worse yet your grandmas Brazilian thong bottom. Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that Bella bought some cheap made in China bikini knock offs from a rip-off site like Zafu. She appears to be wearing an authentic designer bikini costing probably more than you or I make in an entire week but who cares how much it costs if it makes you look like you went #2 in it. Our suits cost a third of most designer’s suits but our products are made in our own private factory in the USA so you get affordable luxury and you don’t get ripped-off by a Chinese sweat shop company selling knock offs.
Bella Hadid next time you need a real Brazilian Bikini then visit our site and pick one from our large selection of thong swimwear and even more daring micro bikinis and sheer bikinis,
you are sure to look great in our bikinis.



Customer Bikini Picture Gallery – Molly

Beautiful Berrydog Bikini Customer Molly On The Beach in Jamaica

Molly is Wearing: Special Order (No Lining) Adjustable top and Double Strap Thong Bikini Bottom .

Her Story:

My husband actually picked this out for me as a surprise. He knows I love to dress sexy and show off my body. He knows what I like. The suit fits perfectly. What better place to rock my thong bikini and little top than on the beautiful 7 mile beach in Negril, Jamaica? It was a nice little surprise for my husband to see that the top is actually see through once it gets soaked in water. He was all over it.

While we were taking photos, we actually had a couple of local men stop and just sit there and watch as I posed for my husband by the water. My husband also got many compliments from men on my look in the bikini each time we were walking along the beach. We thought it was hilarious. No big deal. I also received many compliments from the women.

Overall, I got the shocking/sexy reaction we thought I’d get and the suit fits great.




Here is our list of  Brazilian Bikini, Thong Bikini and Micro Bikini and Sheer Bikini friendly beaches in California.

  1. Black’S Beach – Located in La Jolla California, Blacks Beach is a clothing optional beach so wearing a thong or a micro thong or even a sheer bikini means that you are over dressed.  Its a massive beach so you can find a quiet place to thong if you wish or hang out with the rest of the crowd if that is your thing.

  2. Wind & Sea Beach – This Beach is also located in La Jolla.  It’s a very picturesque beach but also on the smallish side. Frequented mostly by locals which includes a large population of European and South American students and young professionals, tiny Brazilian Bikinis and thong bikinis are common but anything sheer will probably get you arrested.

  3. Venice Beach – The famous Venice Beach in Los Angeles is known for its laid back care free anything goes attitude. This expansive beach has been a place for thong wearers for a long time but stay away from transparent bikinis as this beach is frequented by lots of families

  4. Santa Monica Beach – Located in Santa Monica California this beach was the famous back drop for Baywatch the TV series.  An expansive beach with a large international contingent,  Brazilian Bikinis are the norm and thong bikinis common. Find a nice secluded spot away from the crowds that congregate by the famous Santa Monica Pier and enjoy the sun in you Berrydog Bikini Micro Bikini.

  5. El Matador Beach – Located in Malibu this beach serves as a common back drop for bikini shoots  by models, photographer and Bikini companies like Berrydog. At times this beach can get busy but just venture down the beach going south and there are plenty of secluded areas to wear your thong bikinis.

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